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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Black Pioneers- F

Louis Farrakhan ,wiki (Leader nations of Islam)
Laurence Fishburne, wiki Ella Fitzgerald ,wiki (American singer) George Foreman,wiki (American professional boxer) Redd Foxx wiki(American Comedian, television actor, Aretha Franklin wiki (American singer) Joe Frazier wiki (American boxer)Walt Frazier, wiki(American basketball player), Morgan Freeman wiki(American Actor).

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Pioneers- E

Earth, Wind, and Fire, wiki,(American pop, soul jazz-fusion band),

Marian Edelman Wright wiki,(American lawyer, and civil rights activist), Duke Ellington, wiki, (American bandleader, pianist),
Ralph Ellison ,wiki, (American writer), Julius Erving, wiki, (Dr.J) (American professional basketball player), Lee Evans , wiki, (American sprinter), Medgar Evers wiki, (American black civil rights activist),

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Pioneers-D

Dorothy Dandridge , wiki, (American singer, film actress),
Angela Davis, wiki, (Militant American black activist), Miles Davis, wiki

(American Jazz musician), Sammy Davis Jr, wiki, (American singer, dancer), Gail Devers, wiki, (American Sprinter, hurdler),
Fats Domino,wiki, (American singer pianist), Frederick Douglass,wiki, (Human rights leader, abolitionist), Rita Dove , wiki,(American writer, poet laureate of the United States), W.E.B Dubois,wiki, (Amercan sociologist), Paul Laurence Dunbar,wiki, (American black author),

Black Pioneers- C

Cab Calloway, wiki,(American bandleader, singer), Roy Campanella , wiki(American professional baseball player), Stockley Carmichael ,wiki,(Civil rights activist), George Washington Carver,wiki, (American agricultural chemist, agronomist) Wilt Chamberlain,wiki, (Professional basketball player), Ray Charles ,wiki,(American pianist, singer, composer, and bandleader), Kenny Clarke ,wiki,(American Drummer), Elderidge Cleaver,wiki, (Black militant, author of Soul on Ice), Roberto Clemente ,wiki, (Professional Baseball Player), Nat King Cole ,wiki,(American musician, pianist) Natalie Cole ,wiki,(American Singer), Samuel-Taylor Coleridge ,wiki,(English Composer) John Coltrane ,wiki,(American Jazz Saxophonist,bandleader, composer)

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Mariah Carey     wiki     Tisha Cambell-Martin    wiki

Cedric the entertainer     wiki

Black Pioneers-B

Anita Baker wiki (American singer), Josephine Baker wiki (American born French dancer and singer), Pearl Bailey wiki (American entertainer, singer), James Baldwin wiki (Essayist, Novelist, playwright), Benjamin Banneker wiki (Mathematician, astronmer, inventor), Amiri Baraka wiki (Writer), Count Basie wiki (American jazz musician), Elgin Baylor wiki ( U.S. Professional basketball player), Bob Beamon wiki (American long jumper), Harry Belafonte wiki (American singer, actor, and film producer), Chuck Berry wiki (Singer, songwriter, and guitarist), Halle Berry wiki (American film actress), Mary Mcleod Bethune wiki (American educator), Jimmy Blanton wiki (American jazz musician), Julian Bond wiki (legislator, black civil rights learder), Barry Bonds wiki (American professional baseball player), Ed Bradley wiki (American broadcast journalist), Gwedolyn Brooks wiki (American Poet), Jim Brown wiki (American professional football player), Ron Brown wiki (American politician), James Brown wiki (American singer, songwiter, dancer),

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Babyface     wiki    Bill Cosby     wiki   

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Pioneers-A

This is who is featured on this post. (Click on names to see video)

Barack Obama wiki (President of the United States of America), Kareem Abdul Jabbar wiki (Basketball great) Alvin Ailey wiki (Dancer, Choereographer), MuhammadAli wiki (American professional boxer)
Kofi Annan wiki (Secretary general of the United Nations)
Louis Armstrong wiki(Jazz trumpter),
Evelyn Ashford, wiki (American sprinter).